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Ivan Obando

About me
I am a composer, singer, writer, producer and audiovisual director.

I was born in Medellín on March 31, 1964. And studied Television Production and Photography at the Center for Image Studies in Madrid, Spain.

I am also a writer, director and presenter, I have directed two series: Hildebrand and Southwest; and I have presented and directed for more than ten years the Slowly musical program, among other productions

As a singer-songwriter I have composed, recorded and performed more than 60 songs, one that stands out would be  Letter of God, I Could Say, and Desire the Desire.

I founded the unforgettable "El Callejón del Gato bar", e-commerce companies such as Coordiútil, and communications such as Air TV Cosmovision, and the Cosmovision channel, to which I have devoted all my efforts..

I have published two literary works: in 1983, Por quien pregunto en las estrellas, and in 2017, You will take me in you.

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